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Principal: Muallim Akhtar Ali

Grade Levels: 1-12

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A Message from the Pricipal

Aspiring for academic and holistic excellence are the key cornerstones of life and this is what the Auckland Park Academy of Excellence sets out to achieve. We are a values-based school that firmly believes, “No child should be left behind,” and this philosophy is supported by the APAX community in all facets of schooling.

Choosing the right school is immensely important, be it when our children are about to begin their schooling career and rely on their parents to identify the environment that fits, or at any other stage of their school life. At the Auckland Park Academy of Excellence, we are led to provide the best educational and developmental opportunities for our students. APAX is a home away from home, where we believe that all stakeholders are valued members of the ever-growing APAX family.

To achieve this, we ensure that the school environment is a safe and secure one, that will allow our excellent teachers the opportunity to facilitate high quality lessons and provide our students the opportunity to develop and learn to the best of their varied and wide-ranging abilities. Standards and achievement are important but we love to promote and celebrate creativity and diversity, as we prepare our students for life and the ever-changing world of work. Like all of us, the school is on a learning journey, constantly updating and improving the ways in which learning is facilitated.

We are well aware of the excellent reputation APAX has established in the learning community but that does not mean that we are complacent. On the contrary, it motivates us to raise the bar even higher and to expect only the very best from our educators, learners and the APAX community.

We are proud of our Islamic ethos and we continue to uphold standards in character, attendance, punctuality and presentation. We boast a history of educational excellence based on firmly embedded Islamic values, a passion for learning while we also believe, wholeheartedly, that education should be fun, challenging and rewarding.

It is the best way to motivate students and instil into them a life-long love and passion for learning. We aim to establish positive relationships and create and nurture independence in all our learners, which will, Insha-Allah, shape them into ambassadors of our pristine Deen and responsible citizens of a local and global society.

At the Auckland Park Academy of Excellence, we subscribe to High Performance Learning, a pedagogy that requires teachers to instil in our students thinking skills and a growth mind-set in an enquiry-based learning environment. These most essential ingredients for success in the 21st century are complemented and enhanced by a rich and diverse extra-curricular programme of sport, arts and craft, coding, debate, educational expeditions, a successful Hifdh program and many other pursuits, all designed to educate the whole person.

Our motto of ‘Success through Excellence’, fosters outstanding relationships from which both, students and staff, draw their ambition to do well and make a lasting contribution to their schooling life and society as a whole.

Since I only have little space to give you a flavour of what we do and how much our school means to each and every one of its students, parents and staff, I would like to invite you to explore this website and to personally visit us.

I look forward to meeting with you and welcoming you to the APAX family.

Yours in the service of education,

Muallim Akhtar Ali


48 Richmond Avenue
Auckland Park


Mon-Thurs Grades 1 and 2: 7h30 to 14h00
Mon-Thurs Grade 3: 7h30 to 14h30
Mon-Thurs Grades 4 to 12: 7h30 to 15h00
Friday dismissal times all grades: 7h30 to 11h45


Enquiries Contact Person:
Mrs Fazela Amod (Senior Administrator)

011 482 7852 / 011 482 7210

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