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Success Through excellence

Aspiring for academic and holistic excellence are the key cornerstones of life and this is what the Auckland Park Academy of Excellence sets out to achieve. We are a values-based school that firmly believes, “No child should be left behind,” and this philosophy is supported by the APAX community in all facets of schooling.

School Times:

Mon to Thurs  /  Grades 1 and 2  /  7h30 to 14h00

Mon to Thurs  /  Grade 3  /  7h30 to 14h30

Mon to Thurs  /  Grades 4 to 12  /  7h30 to 15h00

Friday dismissal times all grades 7h30 to 11h45


An Assessment Planner, highlighting the programme of assessment in the grade, is given to all learners from grade 3 – 10 at the beginning of each term. Formal Assessment Tasks, once moderated are sent home for parents to sign. Parents will receive a computer-generated report for each term of the academic year.


Sports & Extra Curricular Activities:

At APAX we believe that through sports many positive opportunities will be created for our learners. Sports participation will also enhance our learner’s school accomplishments. Sports teaches our children to function in a competitive society. We thus provide a programme that we feel will help create a balanced individual.
Our sports programme has two components: our internal programme and our extra cost programme.



The school has an outsourced tuckshop that sell snacks, food and drinks during breaks. Parents are also encouraged to provide a nutritious lunch.



Each learner is issued with textbooks in the beginning of the academic year. The learner will be responsible for his or her own text books. In case of loss or damage, the learner will pay for replacing the item. All text books remain the property of the school and are to be returned at the end of the year.



Requested stationery supplies are needed to start the school year. However consumable supplies may need to be replenished periodically throughout the year. Individual teachers may also request additional supplies.


Extra Cost Activities:

These include Art Club, Kiddienastics, Speech and Drama, Cricket, Pottery, and Kiddie’s chef. The activities are run by outside coaches and service providers and has a cost attached.
APAX is also an affiliate school of the Association of Muslim Schools (AMS). We regularly participate in soccer and netball tournaments run by AMS Our annual Inter-House Athletics and Fun Walks are highlights in our extra mural calendar. See our Prospectus for more information.



Each learner from Grade 3-12 at APAX will receive a Homework Diary at the beginning of each year. Homework is given daily from Monday to Thursday. Projects and assignments are done at school. Parents need to sign the diary daily.


D6 School, Management System & Email Communication


  • Removes the financial and environmental cost of paper newsletters.
  • Notes are communicated directly by school staff to the parent, removing frustrations of notes being returned late or not at all.
  • Helps support and sustain a harmonious relationship with parents.

For Parents

  • Provides parents with an easy way to know about events at school and also when a matter requires attention.
  • Ensures parents always receive notes.


The school uniform is sold at the school.

DRESS AND APPEARANCE: Learners are expected to abide by the compulsory dress regulations determined by the school. Learners are expected to adhere to the standard of general appearance, neatness and personal hygiene.

GIRLS: Summer: The Uniform, burkah, grey/black socks, black school shoes and blazer must be worn.
Winter: The school scarf, school jersey, black beanie, black gloves and only black under shirts or compression tops must be worn.

BOYS: Hair is to be kept short and neat without gel or hair dye.
Summer: This consists of the grey pants, school golf T-shirt, school topi, grey/black socks, black school shoes and blazer.
Winter: A white long sleeve shirt, school scarf, school jersey, black gloves and only black under shirts or compression tops must be worn.

For sports or PE days, the school track suit, school golf T-shirt and ONLY PLAIN BLACK takkies must be worn.
Jewellery and Accessories: A watch may be worn. Boys and Girls are not allowed any rings, neck chains or wristbands. Boys may not wear earrings.


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