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Radiyya Wadvalla

Position Acting Principal

Mrs Fazela Amod

Position Senior Administrator
About We thank Allah (SWT) for giving us Imaan and creating us in the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
I am Fazela Amod; I have been the Senior Administrator at APAX since its inception.
My qualifications and experience include a C.I.S. (Chartered Institute of Secretaries) qualification as well as extensive corporate experience at a leading blue chip mining company in the capacity of Company Secretary.
My corporate experience stands me in good stead as I ensure that APAX is administered in the most efficient and professional manner.
As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace and becomes part of our lives the team and I are always looking at ways on how we can utilise technology to make our school more efficient. My duties include daily administration, editing the newsletter, finance and ensuring that our website content is current and relevant.

“The Messenger of Allah (SAW) was never immoral, disrespectful or obscene. He used to say, ‘Among those who are most beloved to me are those who have the finest character.”

Jesima Agherdien

Position Campus 2 Secretary
About As Salaamu Alaikum,
I enjoy working with people so working at APAX affords me the opportunity to interact with people on a daily basis. I have worked in the corporate sector for many years, including the clothing industry where I worked as a quality auditor and completed an ISO9001 quality course.
Joining Apax is a completely different experience, working with children is very fulfilling, and I would like to share my experience with the Apax team.

Zakkiyyah Ebrahim

Position Campus 3 Secretary
About As salaam u Alaikum
I have over six years of experience in administration in a corporate environment, where I worked in various roles ranging from Filing clerk, receptionist, Invoicing clerk, Procurement clerk and Specialised Projects.
My corporate experience certainly helps me to be part of the valuable admin team at APAX.

Heads of Department

Educator Department SACE Registration Qualifications Email
Mrs Amina Kola Intermediate Phase Registered B.Ed DEG/DIP
Mrs Zainab Saber FET Phase Registered B.Ed DEG/DIP
Miss Fatima Nanabhay Senior Phase Registered B.Ed DEG/DIP
Miss Aaminah Gani Intermediate Phase Registered B.Ed DEG/DIP
Akhtar Ali Islamiat Registered Islamic Studies
Mrs Aysha Haffejee Foundation Phase Registered B.Ed/Montesorri DEG/DIP

Foundation Phase

Educator SACE Registration Qualifications Email
Mrs Rashida Cajee Registered Islamic Studies

Senior Phase

Educator SACE Registration Qualifications Email
Akhtar Ali Registered Islamic Studies
Shamsuddin Fal Fal Registered HIFZ
Noor Ahmed Kazembe Registered Islamic Studies
Taskeen Karrim Registered Islamic Studies
Enver Mentoor Registered Islamic Studies
Wudaa Sallie Registered Islamic Studies

Foundation Phase

Educator SACE Registration Qualifications Email
Mrs Ayesha Coovadia Registered BA, HEd
Mrs Aysha Haffejee Registered B.Ed/Montesorri
Ms Munirah Hansrod Registered Int Diploma
Ms Naeema Jeewa Registered BA, PGCE
Mrs Fatima Patel Wadee Registered NPDE/CIP Montessori

Senior Phase

Educator SACE Registration Qualifications Email
Mrs Zuraya Dalvi Registered BA, HDE, PGCE
Mr Ahmed G Ebrahim Registered SPED DEG/DIP
Mrs Ferosa I Essop Registered HDE/B.Ed Hons/Hh Dip
Ms Aaminah Gani Registered B.Ed DEG/DIP
Mrs Amina Kola Registered B.Ed DEG/DIP
Ms Fatima Nanabhay Registered B.Ed DEG/DIP
Mr Reyad Pahad Registered Phys/Ed/SPED
Ms Fatima Patel Registered B.Ed (current) Hons
Mr Haroon Patel Registered B.Ed Snr FET
Mrs Zainab Saber Registered B.Ed DEG/DIP
Mrs Radiyya Wadvalla Registered B.Com, PGCE DEG/DIP
Ms Luthfiya Yunus Registered B.Ed DEG/DIP
Mr M R Zardad Registered B.Sc, PGCE DEG/DIP