Parents – Teachers Association

The parents form an integral part of the child’s education. A dynamic innovative PTA has been formed to partner with educators to ensure that every developmental need of the child is fulfilled. Contact the PTA at .

The Parent Teacher Association’s role is to support and further the interests and welfare of the school, to foster a spirit of community amongst the parents, teachers and learners of the school and to provide a channel of communication between parents, teachers and the school.

Every parent or legal guardian of a learner admitted and enrolled at APAX and all employees of APAX are members of the PTA. The PTA, together with the Educators and School Management Committee is dedicated to ensuring that the Auckland Park Academy of Excellence provides a safe and caring learning environment which nurtures character development, positive attitudes, leadership qualities and superior academic skills, such that each student may achieve his or her best potential, and may become a valued member of society, within the Islamic ethos of the school.