2018 Price List

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Item For Sizes Price
Girls Tunics girls All R390
Golf shirts boys & girls All R145
Tracksuits boys & girls All R390
Tracksuit Pants Only boys & girls All R175
Winter Jerseys boys & girls 24-30 R110
30-32 R140
34-38 R150
40-42 R160
Black Blazers boys & girls 4 – 13 R510
14 to 38 R550
40 to 42 R580
Beanies boys & girls All R50
Burkas girls Small R80
Medium R85
Large R90
Topees boys 19.5 – 21.5 R55
Peak Caps boys & girls All R60
Winter Scarves boys & girls R55
Quraan Bags R50

Uniform Description

Boys Uniforms School golf shirt, long grey pants; black school topees, black school shoes; grey/black socks, blazers and a school tracksuit.
Girls’ Uniforms Grey and turquoise tunic, grey pants with a turquoise burka, blazers and a school tracksuit. Black school shoes; grey/black socks.
Cold Weather Apparel Winter Jerseys are available.
Physical Education/Excursion Uniform: Boys and Girls School golf T, school track suit; suitable sports shoes and school peak caps
Shorts of any kind are not allowed.