Apax Management Committee

Apax is governed by a group of committed individuals from the Auckland Park community. The strategic focus of the Board of Managers is on raising the quality of education at our school. The Board works closely with the School Management Team to achieve its goals.

We, the Auckland Park Academy of Excellence recognize that our society faces new challenges due to its growth and advancement. These challenges arise almost on a daily basis which must be met with solutions that allow us to develop as a civilization. We are mindful of our duty and aware that ultimate success lies only in the pleasure of our Creator. We acknowledge that strong individuals contribute to stable families, who in turn make up strong communities that form the very fabric of society. It is further noted that the development of individuals must start at the earliest possible stage of their lives. It is in this light that we believe that values, morals, honour, integrity and leadership must be built from the time that learners enter our school.

  • Mr Y Gangat – Chairman
  • Mr N Talia – Vice Chairman
  • Mr M Gangat
  • Mr F Mahomed
  • Mr Aslam Monia
  • Mr A Moosa
  • Mrs F Talia
  • Mr S Wadvalla